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the basic things you should know about me is that my name's Isabelle, but please call me Izzy, i'm a pureblood slytherin and proud to be one; I'm 15 years old and best friends with arctic-pinewood. I reside in Melbourne, Australia. my main ships are: LushLaw(OTP), Troyler, Myler, FanXing, JongKey, Destiel and Merthur(OTP). I also do that thing with the pencil and the paint(i even sold a painting once!)
No matter how difficult or hard something is,
I will always smile like an idiot. - Chanyeol

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Dad jokes = the best jokes.

"Don’t be disgusting"

how is a toaster delivered in theory


anonymous asked: baekchen/kaisoo/layhan forever and ever

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I have seen people complaining because exo’s mv is being delayed and
I can’t fucking believe that, there’s people suffering for their kids, their sisters and their brothers and all those people think is on a fucking music video.

I have just seen what happened and i’m…

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I’m okay, really. I’ve got magic beans.


there are approximately 1,013,913 words in the english language but i could never string any of them together to explain how much i want to hit you with a chair.