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The first official posters for all three films

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define naughty for me babe

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Why do I like Yixing???

I believe it’s more of what is in Yixing that cannot be liked.

Yixing….there’s just too much to say about him, too many reasons to like him.

How can you not like him when the younger him drank in the judges’ venom and criticisms to his heart’s content because he wanted to better himself. Them saying he can’t dance, he lacks control, he should stop relying on the excuse of being young to get away from the real things in the entertainment industry but look at him now? 7 years later, standing in an even bigger stage, the group’s main dancer, finally living his dreams.

How can you not like him when he was still a young trainee, going to a foreign land alone, with no sense of security, with no parents, with no friends just to chase his dreams. Even when some of his old fans visited him, treated him just the same, rooting for him to debut, he would brush them away saying that they don’t need to treat him so well because he doesn’t know if he can repay them for their support, doubting if he can even debut.

How can you not like him when he exerts his greatest efforts in everything, training for more than what? 10-12 hours? In order to be recognized, in order to debut. Tell him to rest more, take care of his health more, he would say that he needs to train harder, that the only chance of him debuting is to practice more than the others. All his instructors would remember him as that trainee who has the most determination, that “As long as it is what he wants, there’s nothing he can’t achieve.” He believes that if you’re doing something that you love, you won’t feel tired.

How can you not like him, when he’s so filial, he’s the perfect dutiful son. A 14 year old claiming that it doesn’t matter how much money he would spend, he wouldn’t care, he just want to heal his grandma’s foot. That the first thing that he would do if he win the entire thing was to help in curing his grandma. A 23 year old admitting that if he could just go back to his childhood in order to change things, he would go back to that time to tell his grandparents “You don’t have to go out, just stay at home and cook delicious food for me. I will keep you company.”, so that they won’t get hurt, so that his grandma could dance again. He loves his family so much, spending every minute of his freedom with them, giving them surprise visits, changing their shoes for them, taking them out for a walk, sending them back home on his own past midnight even if he has a hectic schedule in the morning after that.

How can you not like someone who tells his fans that he loves them and actually mean it? That generic L sign that he made for us, his fans, because as corny as that sign is, it’s his way of communicating with us, with his heroes. It’s something valuable between us fans and him, that he acknowledges his fans being there supporting him. 我在舞台上尽力了 希望你们在舞台下尽力骄傲 谢谢你们 “I’ve done my best onstage, hope that you guys below did your best to feel proud as well. Thank you all.” Like what his self-composed song for the fans says, “I’ve placed you all in my heart, hold you on my palm. You will always be my everything” telling us heroes and his herbal iced teas that if we’re tired, then we can rest for a little bit. He loves his fans enough to stay behind everyone, in every performance to bow countless times. He loves his fans enough to compose a song dedicated to them. He loves his fans enough to tell them that they should spend their money to themselves, to their families and not him, that he prefers letters over expensive brands. He loves his fans enough to read their accounts, even updating his weibo to apologize for the lost fangifts at the airport, because he read their sentiments. He loves his fans enough to not go to the VIP lane because he knows that they waited for him for hours. He loves his fans enough to promise them that he’s going to give them his very own DIY shirts on his birthday. He loves his fans enough by doing something as small as liking their posts of being successful, of their achievements, even weddings because he’s like a proud father, that if he achieved his dreams, then everyone else can!

How can you not like his skills, his talents, how he does his best at everything? Singing, he would immediately ask someone if he did great. Even if he’s not on the vocal line, he would try to sing earnestly, with his cute pixie voice you can hear his passion- his passion since he was a child. Dancing, he would perform his best, adding his own flair to the choreo, he’s a gentle and well-controlled dancer that swoon everyone’s hearts. Giving out his all in his position as the main dancer even on rehearsals. Hosting, he asked his coordi noona if he did well, suddenly ran to the hallways, screaming in glee because they said he did exceptionally well. Composing, while everyone’s out shopping and watching movies, he’s just cooped up in his room writing songs.

How can you not like how he’s heart is made of gold? How he immediately donated a huge sum to a child with leukemia because someone mentioned him on weibo, and silly him, deleting the transaction post right after because he doesn’t want his fans to use their money for his cause. How he secretly joined his fansite’s donation project during an earthquake just right before it closed, anonymously donating a huge sum, and silly him, didn’t know that the transaction details would show his real name. How during a community service, a kid recklessly played with his phone, then got scolded after, and silly him, still gave his phone back to the boy, so that he won’t get sad, saying he doesn’t care if it breaks.

How can you not like how he’s so selfless, so thoughtful? Always putting everyone else first before him. To the fans, reminding them to be careful always, when crossing the road, when sending EXO off the airport, when the fans are crowding towards the stage. At times typing “keep safe” on the LED screen of his phone and pressing it against the window, at times rolling down the window and telling the fans that it’s not safe back here so they need to go home and have their meals. Never failed to ask them if they have already eaten their dinner, and reminding them to do so, saying that he would check them up on that, and he really did, even liking his fan’s dinner post. To the staff, always telling them that his job is not that tiring and that they have it the hardest. Even going as far as having only a cup of coffee, forgoing dinner in order to not delay the recording, filming 7 episodes at one shoot, even apologizing for something as small as a tap on the microphone. Even telling a photographer that it isn’t right for a lady to move something so heavy, then proceeded to helping everyone else move the piano although he’s already finished with make-up and styling. To the other members, always pulling them to do a demo in dancing with him every time the hosts would requests him to, always pushing them out when the hosts would ask who’s in charge in dancing. Appreciating their efforts for the group, him crying at a corner for a long time seeing another member cheer EXO up with a big smile when an unexpected thing happened and when everything was messed up at one point.

How can you not like how he’s so cheeky, cute, charming, other C words that is relative to being adorable.

How he doesn’t believe that he has this much fans, asking his managers if they really came to see him and looking like a frightened bunny. How he’s so humble. You deserve all the fame and attention being given to you.

How he’s downright truthful, saying he thinks he looks his best when onstage but probably it’s because of the lighting and the make-up. You probably don’t realize how your deep dimple does things.

How his every speech comes out as someone like a government official running for a post. Your mother even wonders when you became so poetic.

How he’s such a perfectionist. Wondering if he doesn’t achieve near perfection, would people still support him. Your fans will always be at your back, please don’t doubt that. You are the imperfectly perfect Yixing that everyone has grown to love and care for.

How he’s so stubborn, something that no one can change, practicing till he breaks, saying that getting injuries is only normal. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You’re…you’re only 23. You said that you don’t care if you miss out on the beautiful sceneries on your journey to reaching that rainbow faraway, but Yixing, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break, you might even realize that the sceneries are more beautiful than the actual rainbow. How can you even look at it when you’re already so worn out.

Yixing we love everything that makes up who you are right now. Someone asked me before if I would still stan you if you can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t compose, can’t joke, isn’t chinese, I said no….because you aren’t Yixing if you don’t have these qualities. The qualities that makes up Zhang Yixing.

But if someone would ask me what’s your best quality? I would say it would be your perseverance. I love Yixing because of his burning passion for the things that he loves to do. Persevere to give a breathtaking performance for his fans because they deserve it. Persevere and work hard, work hard and work even harder to reach his dreams along with his brothers. Persevere to not let his family’s effort go to waste. But most of all persevere to make himself proud because he is finally standing infront of thousands of crowds, millions of fans, doing what he loves most.

That is Zhang Yixing for you. How can I not like him? 怎能叫我不爱?

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I dont wanna freak you guys out but

The Lost Hero 
The Son of Neptune 
The Mark of Athena 
The House of Hades 
The Blois hella gayod of Olympus

Since when were these your feeding grounds?”
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"what did you even do before you joined tumblr"